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History of the IMG

Circa 2411, after the formation of the Independent Mercenary Guild, it became obvious to the IMG Board of Directors that trade within the known star systems was beginning to stagnate. Both the Federation and the Alliance had abandoned exploration and colonization. Worse, the relationship between IMG pilots and governmental entities remained problematical, forcing mercenaries to spend too much of their precious time building a good reputation in far too many areas of space before they could safely conduct their business.

Consequently, with membership in the IMG increasing at every cycle, the trading pie had to be shared by a greater number of mercenaries. Meaning, each mercenaryís share got smaller and, therefore, the potential to get rich dwindled.

As a solution, the Board decided to establish new colonies. They directed mercenaries to build facilities in areas of space which were outside the boundaries of the known star systems.

But, true to the law of unintended consequences, ten years after embarking on this program of territorial expansion, the IMG began to fragment. Some pilots spent most of their time and nearly all their credits in the exploration and development of previously undiscovered star systems. Then, after all the real work was done, other mercenaries moved in to exploit the now-fertile trade of each new system.

Separate guilds formed within IMG and eventually split off.

As trade expanded, these rogue guilds and rebels began to infiltrate the new areas of space. Subsequently, authoritarian elements followed, in pursuit of these bandits. Navies arrived, some of them apparently operating under the guideline of shoot first and ask questions later. IMG got pushed further out.

Nonetheless, guided by the General Council, IMG continues to pursue a course of expanding its trade via exploration and development of uncharted star systems. It is the Councilís aim to defend IMG territory, whether through politics, diplomacy or the aggressive defense of its assets.

Only the best and most successful mercenaries, operating under the direction of the Council, will reap the rewards of IMG. Interlopers will no longer be tolerated.