I got this crazy idea of creating a kind of quest for EM since I just love the game.
I had some thoughts about a story taking place in the Evochron Universe but
realized that I really suck in writing storys. LOL!

I asked someone that is extremely good at this, in my opinion, if he wanted to
write a story for my quest idea and he excepted the invitation to create this.

In the story there are some clues to where you need to travel in EM.
When you have figured out the position, you need to takeoff and do a
space journey to that location.

To be able to read this great story, you need to download the Questfile further
down on this page and install in your default EM directory.
This file is continuing the original IMG quest so that you don't loose your previous
progress. If you have not started or finished the IMG quest, you will have to
take off from where you left it before starting this Quest.

To be on the safe side, I suggest that you make a backup copy of your current
profile before installing. It's been tested and works fine, but you never know.

All you need to do is install the file, jump into your cockpit and
read the "Last Message" post in your Inventory Console and follow the instructions.

The quest involves both flying and reading on this UniNet site.

There is also a "Bar" section here where you might find some hints if you need it.


SeeJay: Original Quest idea, webdesign, graphics, universe exploration and Questfile writer.

Xxxxxx: Author of the Quest story and Quest hints.

Xxxxxx: Universe exploration and Quest hints.

Xxxxxx: Beta-tester and questfile developer.

Peter Krol: Background Music.


I would like to make a special thanks to Vice, Xxxxx and Xxxxx helping
me to create and finishing this Quest. Couldn't have made it without you guy's.

Also thanks to the Beta-Testers of the Quest.



We, the dev team,  can not be held responsible for Pilots getting lost, run out of fuel
or getting killed in the process. This is completely your own fault.



To: Captain Chuck Yeager
       From: Admiral Jackson, FFC, HQ Evochron
       Subj: IMG Liaison

       Class: Confidential (C)

       1. (FOUO) Captain, due to your recent association with the
       Independent Mercenary Guild, you've been assigned as military
       liaison to their Arvoch operation.

       2. (C) IMG is currently experiencing difficulty defending
       against renegade elements operating out of Arvoch. I need not
       remind you that IMG is our biggest civilian contractor,
       providing the Federation with raw materials and the Navy with
       important intelligence data. We cannot afford to have that flow
       of information disrupted.

       3. (FOUO) Report to IMG at their Arvoch headquarters in sector
       3500,-1797. Captain, you may use any civil or military frame
       that you prefere on
this assignment. If you want to keep a low
       profile, you might consider a civilian frame. It's all up to you Captain.
       Make sure you set up your ship prior to docking at Arvoch Command.
       If you're in need of funds, IMG assures us you can make use of
       equipment found in some of the containers they've placed in strategic
       locations already known to you.

       4. (U) Be advised, IMG is operating out of a multinational
       facility in a hostile area of space. Expect to pay docking fees
       unless you first purchase a license to operate in the system.
       IMG will reimburse your expenses at a later date.

       5. (C) Your Computer Username is as before "Yeager"
       Passwords will be decrypted in due time when we find intel.


Download Quest file: questtext



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